Ignoring the embedded fonts

  • Piotr Praczyk
    Piotr Praczyk

    I am completely new to jPodRenderer an jPod. I went through the relevant exampels and I did not manage t find a soluton to my problem.

    For the purpose of my application I would like to make jPodrenderer ignore informations about specific fonts and make it use text operations of a low level canvas rather than drawin glyphs.

    This would be very simple if the device attribute of the CSPlatformDevice class would not be final (in such a case I could write a calss inheriting from the standard device and override appropriate operation translating text to glyphs).

    I could modify jPodRenderer removing the final keyword, but I find it a very nasty solution.
    I would like to take advantage of the implemented functionality and in the same time extend it.
    Is there a method of doing this ?

    thanks in advance