Ed Burnette wrote:
Yes, but look at the heat Microsoft took for promoting CPL, lemme see, like these:

Interesting link - I haven't seen it that way so far.
- Anything we talk about or agree on for Mondrian does not mean that JPivot
will do the same thing.

Sure but in the past Tonbeller has indicated a desire to keep the licenses harmonized.
We  had some discussions about licenses in the past, among other suggestions we talked about moving Mondrian and JPivot to Apache and Eclipse License. Its a strong interest of Tonbeller to make Mondrian and JPivot widely used software because the more its used the more developers will improve it. Especially Ed pointed out that the CPL has some problems that prevent JPivot and Mondrian from being used at SAS. This is not in the interest of Tonbeller. So (at that time in the past) I talked to Tonbeller management to move to either Apache License or Eclipse License, and they agreed with the license change provided that Mondrian would do so too. But Mondrian did not do it.

Tonbeller would like to see JPivot under a license that is acceptable for companies like SAS because that would increase usage and development. I could talk to Tonbeller management once more, but things would be easier for me if the future Mondrian license would be clear before that.