#2 Provide an option to roll up children to the [All] level

Sherman Wood
Edwin Fine

JPivot currently has an Olap Navigator. This allows
users to exclude parts of the hierarchy from the view.
However, this exclusion does not percolate up to the
[All] aggregates at higher levels in the hierarchy.
This means that the [All] level still shows the
original aggregate tthat was calculated before the
removal of the children.

In applications where the aggregates should reflect the
removal of parts of the hierarchy, the [All] level does
not fulfil this requirement. Either there is a simple
way to do this in JPivot or MDX that I cannot figure
out, or I will have to remove the [All xxx] levels from
the Mondrian schema and somehow modify JPivot to
generate aggregates at the same level as [All], that
are based on the actual query results (e.g.
sum([1997].[Q1], [1997].[Q2])).

JPivot (perhaps with Mondrian) should provide a way for
aggregates at the [All] levels to roll up the actual
children's values. This is analogous to an Excel
spreadsheet formula recalculating when a row or column
on which it depends is removed.

If there is already a way to do this, I would be glad
to hear it.


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    I created a big OLAP application, and it was not used in my company exactly because of this issue.