ChartMouseListener in JPivot

  • Hello,
    Im am new to JPivot and can not find ChartMouseListener in JPivot, i mean is it possible to add mouse listener for example to testpage.jsp through jp tags or somehow, like it is possible in JFreeChart.

    • Is it possible to save drill through data table to exsel, such questions were asked, but can't find the answer? How can I do it?

      • Ati Rosselet
        Ati Rosselet

        possible, but not implemented.  you would have to look into how the drillthrough table is generated, and then add an xls generation capability.  Not sure of the top of my head exactly how/where to do it, but I'm pretty sure its possible.

        • Alexander

          Hello, to extend VALDUK question...

          do you think this information from drill trough can be exported automatically to XML or CSV or even get the executed SQL to send this information fo a Reporting engine like jfree, BIRD, jasper????

          This could really push the functionality to a more user friendly interface/result

          NOTE: with this.. we can create PDF, EXCEL, HTML, others