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Show Properties Can't Work Over XML/A

Gang Chen
  • Gang Chen
    Gang Chen

    Although add DIMENSION PROPERTIES in MDX query, the table doesn't show any properties.

    Test with MS AS:

    SELECT {[Measures].[Unit Sales], [Measures].[Store Cost], [Measures].[Store Sales]} ON columns, {([Store].[USA].[CA].[Los Angeles].Children)} DIMENSION PROPERTIES [Store].[Store Type] ON rows FROM Sales WHERE ([Time].[1997])

    After diving into XMLA_Result#handleMember,  I notice the behavior is differenct to Mondrian backend. Is this because Mondrian doesn't support DIMENSION PROPERTIES now.

    Is it necessary to reimplement the UI of this extension for XML/A backend?

    • Julian Hyde
      Julian Hyde

      Note that the reason Mondrian doesn't support DIMENSION PROPERTIES is because it doesn't need to: when used as a Java API (as opposed to XML/A), all of the properties of every member are available. All you have to do is call member.getPropertyValue().

      I am happy to add some support for DIMENSION PROPERTIES to Mondrian if it makes the XML/A implementation more consistent. For example, the axis could have a list of the property names which the query asked for, and the XMLA adapter could send those properties (and only those) back in the response.

      I think there is a bug or RFE logged against Mondrian already. If not, please log one. Specify what behavior is required with respect to DIMENSION PROPERTIES.

    • Gang Chen
      Gang Chen

      The problem I pointed out is about JPivot. Although MS AS supports DIMENSION PROPERTIES and returns correct XML/A response, JPivot cannot render properties.

      I'll appreciate if Mondrian supports DIMENSION PROPERTIES. Thanks.

      And I have logged a REF.