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  • Anonymous


    I have needed to add some requirements regarding a report produced using Mondrian and JPivot.
    Please let me know what is your oppinion abuot the following issues.

    What support offer JPivot regarding my requrements in order to make them.

    The requirements are:

    1.Add ability to format reports.

    2. Formatting includes font type, size and colour.


    The presentation of a report can be a personal
    thing. Consequently, the ability to format reports is important to provide to users. The user will need to be able to change colours, fonts, sizes and borders. These settings will also need to be stored along with the rest of the report.

    Format of tables in a report similar to the format options available in Excel for example.

    3.This would include ability to change fonts, borders and backgrounds.

    4.Insert multiple tables and charts into a report.

    5.Allow for freeform additions to reports.


    Currently, the JPivot toolbar already offers the possibility to edit/change chart properties.
    The chart properties include font types, colours and sizes.
    All these are properties of a JPivot class: com.tonbeller.jpivot.chart.ChartComponent.

    If necessary, we could add more properties to this class with corresponding changing the properties form, chart tag and other implementations to include our new properties.

    I'm looking forward for your feedback!

    Kind regards,


    • Andreas Voss
      Andreas Voss

      To change the style (not content) you could do the following:

      * create a new bean, say StyleBean, that stores the properties for fonts, colors etc

      * create a <wcf:form../> together with a correspondig xml file so users can change these properties

      * connect the form to the toolbar (same as chart config dialog)

      * in the HTML <HEAD> section generate CSS statements from the properties in the bean. If the the bean has a method, say

        public String getCss()

      you could render in HTML with

        <style type="text/css">
          <c:out value="${styleBean.css}"/>
      Id be interested if you succeed with this.


    • avenko

      Hello Andreas/Teo,

      Did any of you try this, Please let me know. I need a solution similar to the one. I also would like to use scheduler to schedule reports thus created/formatted.

      Please let me know .


      • Julian Hyde
        Julian Hyde

        Fyi, Mondrian includes a scheduler class which generates a series of time values from a schedule such as 'The 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month'.

        You would have to add a user interface to define a schedule, and a daemon to execute the reports on schedule, but the scheduler class is a start...