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New Features Added

Remote Error Reporting<br/>
Feedback Agent to Notfiy Developer of Problems/Requests<br/>
Check for Updates Option under Help Menu Now<br/>
Importing a file listing/mp3 listing from the file system.<br/>
Column width preferences are saved.<br/>
App will size columns to 'best fit'<br/>

Posted by Trever M. Shick 2005-03-25

Supported Again...

OK, I took some time off from the project and nobody took up the slack. I am now supporting the project again. I've already added some enhancements to the UI and the functionality. I'm working on better scripting support (most already works).

Posted by Trever M. Shick 2005-03-20

CSV Import GUI Working!

For those of you accessing the CVS repository, the CSV Import GUI is working now. It's compliant with the db-tools project's IFO file format for Pilot-DB... It's about 95% completed now but should be done by the end of the weekend. Things are looking great for the GUI!

Posted by Trever M. Shick 2003-04-06

Updated GUI in Pre-Beta

A new and improved UI for JPilot-DB has been released although in pre-beta. I hope to reach beta state by next week.

Posted by Trever M. Shick 2003-03-27

New tools for import/export

CSV Importing is now available as a command line tools. XML Exporting is also availabe as a command line tool. These will soon be integrated into the UI

Posted by Trever M. Shick 2002-07-25

Notes field type now supported

I committed changes this morning that will allow you to alter / view NOTE type fields in the pilotdb.* classes.

Posted by Trever M. Shick 2002-06-02

New Conduit Classes!

JPilot-DB now has conduit classes for dealing with the JSync package from Palm. These classes now allow easy access to JPilotDBs on your Palm during the HotSync process. Check out the latest in CVS (not released yet)

Posted by Trever M. Shick 2002-05-30

JPilot-DB Initial Release

The first relase of jpilot-db is out! Use this library with Pilot-DB to easily migrate data into your palm pilot!

Posted by Trever M. Shick 2002-05-24