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Progress Update

This is just a progress update.

1. Sometime back I realised that rendering of images using text is actually independent of the encoded image data (silly of me to take so logn). So there are actually two ways of rendering an image, using text (as implemented in jpg2html) and using HTML tables (as implemented in jpg2html2, jpg2html3, jpg2html4 & jpg2html5). So I am restructuring the codes to separate encoding and rendering.... read more

Posted by W. H. Jou 2003-08-11

jpg2html release "miffy" (stable) available

Existing jpg2html programs are modified to show its compression ratio compared to the original uncompressed image.

Two new programs are added:

-jpginfo will simply show the compression jpeg achieved as compared to the original incompressed image.

-jpg2html5 builds on jpg2html4 but removes the separator necessary to distinguish between the encoded colour value and the run length in jpg2html4. This is done by encoding the run length in base 16 using an alternative, non-overlapping character set.... read more

Posted by W. H. Jou 2002-10-26

jpg2html release "mashi" (stable) available.

jpg2html is a series of programs that convert .jpg files into .html files. Release "mashi" is the initial release of this series on SourceForge, currently comprising of jpg2html, jpg2html2, jpg2html3 and jpg2html4.

This is definitely not front page news, so it doesn't really matter what I write, does it? :)

So what is "mashi"? Mashi is an affectionate name for Mashimaro, a very naughty rabbit and you can find out more at . And no, I'm not korean. ... read more

Posted by W. H. Jou 2002-10-05