JPEGView released

New features

  • New command line parameter '/autoexit'. If passed, ESC key will terminate JPEGView also if a slideshow is running or an animated GIF is playing.
    Additionally it will auto-terminate JPEGView after the slideshow has finished when combined with the '/slideshow' command line parameter.
    Thanks to SourceForge user manuthie for implementing this.
  • New command line parameter '/monitor [index]'. Shows JPEGView on the given monitor, overriding the INI file setting.
  • New placeholders that can be used in user commands:
    %exepath% : Path to EXE folder where JPEGView is running
    %exedrive% : Drive letter of the EXE path, e.g. "c:"
  • Displayed image is reloaded automatically when it changes on disk, using a file system change notifier.
    The image list of the current directory is also reloaded when images are added or deleted in this directory.
    To disable the file system notifier, set ReloadWhenDisplayedImageChanged=false in the INI file
  • When canceling the 'Open file' dialog after startup, JPEGView is not terminated but an empty window is shown with some hints what to do.

Bugs fixed

  • Fixed crash (leading to potential exploit) when image width or height is larger than 32767
  • Improved zoom behavior for zoom < 10 %
  • Slide shows with alpha blending: maybe now also works correctly if graphics driver implements alpha blending somewhat inexactly
  • NoStrCmpLogical registry setting also checked in "LOCAL MACHINE" registry hive
  • Fixed size cropping bug fixed
  • Always registering JPEGView in registry when changing file assignments, thus fixing any invalid path, e.g. resulting from move
    of the EXE to another directory
  • Animated GIFs and multiframe TIFFs can now be moved or deleted while displayed
Posted by David Kleiner 2013-11-02