JPEGView 1.0.26 released

Bugs fixed:
- Lossless rotate and crop now works in folders containing Unicode characters in the path.
Note that the file title must not contain Unicode characters due to the fact that jpegtrans.exe does not support this.
New features:
- Portuguese (Portugal) translation, thanks to Sérgio Marques
- Support for viewing embedded JPEG images in camera RAW files using code from the dcraw project.
- Support for loading images using Windows Image Codecs (WIC). By default WIC is used to load JPEG XR files (also called
High definition photo). When using Windows Vista or Windows 7, the Windows Camera Codec pack can be installed to get
support for full size camera RAW images in JPEGView. Refer to the readme.html for instructions.
- New image processing: Perspective correction, use button on navigation panel to activate
- Rotation and perspective correction: Option to keep aspect ratio when auto cropping
- New INI file setting: 'AutoRotateEXIF' to disable auto rotation of images based on EXIF image orientation tag.
Default is true (the EXIF auto rotation is supported since many versions, this setting is introduced to turn this off).
- New INI file setting: 'ScaleFactorNavPanel' to scale the navigation panel buttons, e.g. to make them larger on touch screens
- Clicking into the image (without dragging) toggles visibility of navigation panel
- Zoom by dragging mouse, activate with 'Shift-left mouse click' or with button on navigation panel
- Random sorting order for images within folder, can be used e.g. for random slideshow mode (activate with 'z' key)
- Improved crop handling: Crop rectangle can be resized using handles
- When in 'Adjust window to image' zoom mode and in window mode, the window adjusts automatically to zoomed image size while zooming
Other changes:
- Russian version of keymap and INI file (KeyMap_ru.txt, JPEGView_ru.ini) containig explanations in Russian. Be aware that
these files must be renamed to KeyMap.txt and JPEGView.ini and copied over the original (English) versions when JPEGView shall use them.

Posted by David Kleiner 2012-01-23