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Couple of Questions

  • sgt_deacon

    Sorry if these were covered somewhere else but I can't find answer:

    Is it possible to view animated GIF's?

    When viewing images in windowed mode I'd rather have the program stretch the image to fit as opposed to leaving white space because it is trying to maintain the aspect ratio _, is it possible to change this?

    Is it possible to scale images by using dimensions instead of cropping?

    When cropping is there a way to adjust the lines?

    Also the program is crashing for me when I view a 6.69 MB 9072 x 11152 PNG image. Don't know if it's just my computer not having enough RAM but figured I would throw it out there.

    Overall a very nice program, thanks for the help.

  • David Kleiner
    David Kleiner

    Animated GIFs: Not supported
    Stretch to fit: Not supported, use auto zoom mode 'Fill with Crop' to crop
    Scale images: Only for viewing, CTRL-SHIFT-S saves in screen resolution (but crops to screen)
    Large images that do not fit into memory: Should not crash with 1.0.23 and later but display an error message. More RAM helps.

  • sgt_deacon

    Thanks for the help.

    Any plans for to add support for animated GIF's or scaling?

  • Jarod Steele
    Jarod Steele

    I'd like animated GIF support too! Can you add it, please?

  • kippr

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