Reduce space gap between large icon rows possible?

  • Thomas

    Assume I switched the view mode for a picture gallery to "large icons".
    Then the space gap between two rows of icons is very, very big.

    Users can see this way only 5 rows of icons. If the space gap would be reduced to a minimum then approx. 9 rows could be seen in parallel.

    This would help for faster search.

    Can the space gap be reduced (in the next release)?


  • David Kleiner
    David Kleiner

    The picture gallery is just a'File Open' dialog. The look and feel of this dialog cannot be changed too much because it comes from Windows and Microsoft only allows very limited changes. Technically the 'File Open' dialog is just a special mode of the Windows Explorer - thus Microsoft determines its look and feel, not me.
    It also seems that its look and feel differs between Windows versions. In Windows XP, the large icon view is always shown (at least on my computer), in Windows 7 this seems not to be always the case, but at least in the 'Pictures' folder and subfolders of it.
    It's anyway not really recommend to use JPEGView by starting the EXE directly, except for trying out the application a bit.

    Recommended usage of JPEGView:
    - Make JPEGView the default program for the image types you want to view with JPEGView. This can be done using Windows Explorer (Open with > Select default program) or in JPEGView in 'Settings/Administration'.
    - Use Windows Explorer to browse the images. At least in Win 7 (or 8) the Explorer is quite usable for browsing image folders when you configure it accordingly (large thumbnails). Double click an image to open it in JPEGView and press ESC to go back to the Explorer. Because JPEGView is so tiny, it is started within factions of a seconds on modern hardware. That is why this switching forth and back works quite well. Within JPEGView you can also navigate to the next, previous, first or last image of the current folder using many ways:
    - Arrow right and left keys
    - PgUp and PgDn keys
    - Fwd mouse button (if your mouse has one)
    - Clicking the '<' and '>' buttons on the navigation panel
    There are plenty of other features in JPEGView. Just play with it a bit, read the readme.html or press F1 to discover what is possible.