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Refocus window when using single instance?

Kevin King
  • Kevin King
    Kevin King

    Just wondering if there's a way to refocus the window when using single instance. Obviously when using multiple instances the new windows opened gain focus, but when using single instance opening a new picture will not refocus the the JPEGView window.

  • Stefan

    I have no solution, but the same issue.
    Every time I forget to exit JPEGView, a double-clicked pic anywhere in the Windows system does not seem to open JPEGView. Until I remember that it might be open already. So I Alt-Tab my way through to it, and sure enough, the picture opened correctly, but JPEGView kept it in the background.

    is set to true, of course. But it still does not seem to reload, or maybe reload is not the same as "bring window to front" but I don't know what other ini-setting to try out.

    Last edit: Stefan 2014-04-17
  • David Kleiner
    David Kleiner

    I tried to request focus but Windows blocks it. Since many versions, Windows blocks focusing requests from applications and just blinks them in the taskbar. Because that does not help much I do not request focus at all and let Windows decide on focus.