Can`t run latest (2.4) JPC on mobile

Will Smith
  • Will Smith
    Will Smith

    Hello guys!!!

    I im realy exciting about your work!!! Please answer me one question: i can't install latest version (2.4) JPC on my mobile phone (Nokia 5800). Its reports, that JAD file is absent. I try to make JAD file myself, but its still report error "wrong jar file" while installing.

    Can you make the portable version of yours emu??? Or simple provide correct JAD file to the latest version (2.4)???

    PS: Ver 1.0 of JPC install and work perfect.

  • Ian Preston
    Ian Preston

    Hello Will,
    The mobile version hasn't been updated in 2 years. The normal version of JPC needs to be modified to fit in the small memory environment of a mobile phone. At the moment we don't have the time to devote to this (our priorities are on improving other aspects of JPC). If you would like to contribute, any help would be very much appreciated,

  • Luigi B.
    Luigi B.

    That's a shame, because jpc was the only way to have a pc simulator running on a small device, such a smartphone.
    Maybe you could think on it and make a better and faster j2me version. Everyone could have a dos running on its phone, just for fun.
    On a normal pc system, with windows or linux or solaris etc there are alredy good free virtual machines, such qemu, bochs, vmware, vbox, dosbox, etc very fast and there is really no need of jpc.
    The real multiplatform world is the smartphones world, where a solution like jpc would be very interesting.

  • mmilleder

    Have a look at Retroweaver. This will get you class files for Java 1.4 from Java 5 class files.  I don't know of a way to get back to 1.3, as requested in the bug report.

    Even then, the resulting JPC version may be too big for older phones, need too much memory or use classes not in J2ME - you'd need to check all that yopurself.