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JPalo API 2.0

Palo API

We support Java developers, who would like to create custom applicaitons using Palo, with the definition and development of an object oriented Java API for Palo. Using this API you can easily access Palo while implementing Java based business applications, web portals or web services.

Another highlight of the current APIs is the access to XMLA supporting OLAP databases using the Java API. If you connect to a XMLA data source, you can use the same interfaces, which you use to query the Palo Server, to retrieve information about OLAP databases that support XMLA. OLAP databases that support XMLA are e.g. Microsoft Analysis Services, SAP BW or Mondrian.... read more

Posted by Philipp Bouillon 2008-05-29

Web-Palo 2.0

The Palo Web Client provides browsing functionalities to view and edit Palo Server data, just like with the Palo Client. You can open cubes, change the dimensions assignment and change the selected element for the filter dimensions using the mouse. Nesting of dimensions and expand or collapsing of dimension hierarchies is also supported. The Palo Web Client also allows the access to XMLA based databases. This way you can access and view cubes from Microsoft Analysis Services Databases, SAP BW or Mondrian OLAP Databases.... read more

Posted by Philipp Bouillon 2008-05-29

JPalo Client 2.0

The Palo Client provides complete modelling and administration capabilities for the Palo Server.

The database explorer, contained in this application, allows the fast access to all elements of the databases residing in multiple Palo Servers. You can easily manage cubes, dimensions or elements by double clicking on the item in the database explorer using the intuitive screens to edit the database items.... read more

Posted by Philipp Bouillon 2008-05-29

Welcome to JPalo

JPalo is an API to an open source OLAP server named Palo (see http://www.palo.net\). With the JPalo API, provided by Tensegrity Software GmbH (http://www.tensegrity-software.com), you can access and communicate with any Palo server in the Java Programming language.

The API is designed to be easy to use and fast, so that the advantages of (M)OLAP databases can be leveraged. It has support for multidimensional cubes, renaming, deleting, adding of new elements, modifying values of cells, formatting those cells, etc. ... read more

Posted by Philipp Bouillon 2007-11-09