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joymouse-0.5 is out

this time you can even send key events to X11 with the buttons of your joystick, and you can temporarily disable joymouse, so you can play games. :)

Posted by Sascha Hlusiak 2006-02-07

joymouse-0.4 is out

Check it out now! Supporting more axis and more buttons, allowing to map each separately.

Posted by Sascha Hlusiak 2005-09-04

joymouse 0.2 - First release on SourceForge

This is the first announcement of joymouse (Joystick - Mouse Converter) on SourceForge.

joymouse is a little daemon that ready joystick data from a device and sends mouse data to another device, so that you can use X with your Joystick/Joypad.

Posted by Sascha Hlusiak 2004-02-19