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#3 Windows program to fix Jose PGN Date errors


JoseDate.exe is a standalone file manipulation program which takes as input a Jose created PGN file, corrects the date errors introduced by Jose whenever saving to a PGN file, and produces an output PGN file with the corrections. The input file must be named INPUT.PGN and the output file that will be produced will be named OUTPUT.PGN. The output file will be the same length as the input file, and will contain the same data, with the exception of the Date and EventDate fields, which will have been incremented by 1.

The purpose of this program is to correct the error which Jose introduces each time it saves a game or games to PGN format. When Jose (v. 1.4.4 for Windows) creates a PGN file, it incorrectly reduces each date by 1 in a distinct fashion:
"2008.12.31" becomes "2008.12.30"
"2008.12.??" becomes "2008.11.??"
"2008.??.??" becomes "2007.??.??", etc.
The JoseDate.exe program reverses this process, fixing the dates, so that upon importation into Jose, the dates will be the same as in the original data.

The program is freeware, and includes documented source code, a readme file, a sample input file for testing the date manipulation process, and an output file produced from the sample input file by the program, for comparison. The files are contained in a zip file named The program was written in Microsoft QuickBasic 4.5, and is stand alone (does not require any runtime modules).


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