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Steven Poole

What a great - and beautiful-looking - program, am using it on Mac
OS X 10.3. Many thanks for making it available.

I'd love to see an "analyze game" command, instructing the engine
to analyze all moves in a game (for a selectable period of time for
each move), and inserting the analysis as variations into the pgn.

It would be good to have the option not to insert analysis if the
eval is within a certain threshold (eg 0.1 pawns) of the move
actually played, and even better to do an opening analysis targeted
to a specific database, showing a few other games and marking
novelties (as with game analysis in Chessbase).

Another tiny thing: a basic "wood-plonk" sound effect to
accompany pieces moving (either playing or moving through
games) would be nice for those who don't want speech but find
total silence a bit strange.

SpanishFly on ICC


  • mrgv

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    i second this rfe with one small addition, very similar to
    the analyze game command. it would be to have the game
    engine play both sides of the game automatically, taking
    turns of some set ammount of time (for example 1 minute per
    turn) or some set condition (for example depth >= 10 or
    nodes >= 1 million) so that i can see how a specific
    position could have continued while i'm out at lunch or
    something. to do this now requires you to press a button to
    make each move. this would be a really useful feature that
    would save people a lot of time. thanks.