When saving games to PGN files, Jose introduces an error into each Date and EventDate date field in every game in the saved file.  Each date is decremented by 1, in a particular fashion depending upon the format of the date in the original file.  For example:
"2008.12.31" becomes "2008.12.30"
"2008.12.??" becomes "2008.11.??"
"2008.??.??" becomes "2007.??.??", etc.  (This error does not seem to occur when saving to Jose archives, which are, of course, not readable by any other program.  But as I do not use Jose archives, I have not tested the process extensively.)

I have written a Windows program to correct the date errors introduced into PGN files, and have posted it to the 'Project' part of the Jose project.  To find it, click on the top 'project' tab.  In the new window, find the *lower* set of tabs, and click on 'Tracker' and then 'Support Requests' and look for RequestID 1970965.  (There's not a lot there, so just click on the link 'Windows program to fix Jose PGN Date errors'!)  Scroll to the bottom of the window, and download the file JoseDate.zip, which contains the program, the source code, documentation, and test input and output files.  If you have any questions or find any problems with the program, please email me through this forum.

May 23, 2008