Jose 1.4.0

  • The program now seems to be much faster in searches. It was able to complete a position search (when I provided the ECO code) in about 5-7 seconds. Not bad for a search on a 2.6 million game database! Of course, my hardware is good, but still I am very impressed. MySQL 5.0 also seems to cache the database in RAM as after the first search, the subsequent searches were faster. Congratulations on a great job!

    • Peter Schäfer
      Peter Schäfer

      thanks for your nice words ;-)

      Your position search was quick, becuase you narrowed down the result set by ECO.

      Actually, position searches are not (yet) backed
      by an index, so that searching the whole 2.6 mio
      games would have been slow.

      I also suppose that MySQL's caching methods have
      improved, but basically they rely on Windows file
      caching. Which explains why repeated queries are
      faster. Again, this effect is most noticeable on small result set.

    • Even if I don't narrow the result set by ECO, the search is much faster than before!

      I am using linux, so linux file caching was quite good on my system.

      A few suggestions/questions:

      1. Simple Issues:
      a) Need a load "next" game button on the board window.
      b) It should be easier to close a game, perhaps an x on the game tab.
      c) Are you using a standard build environment, can you post the Jbuilder/eclipse project files so that it might be easier for others to modify the code? I have some difficulty with German characters in my compiled version.

      2. Complex issue:
      The database loading for a large number of games, especially merging two large databases (>500K games) does not work.

      Congrats on a great project!