Open CBV (ChessBase) databases

  • Dietmar Harms
    Dietmar Harms

    Can Jose open databases in ChessBase format (*.CBV)? I am planning to buy a big opening database which only exists in this format.

    Dietmar :-)

  • komyt

    Hi Dietmar, I tried to find the exact link that points to a previous discussion on this issue, but this site does not seem to work that way. So I will have to paste the whole discussion thread below. Keep in mind that the Peter who provides some answers to this question is the program's creator. I hope this helps.



          2005-10-28 20:30:47 EDT
          Hi all,

          I have two questions about how to import stuff into Jos�.

          1) Most chess programs understand PGN when imported from the clipboard in a regular copy/paste procedure. But when I try it with Jos� it does paste the game notation but somehow it does not "see" is as a game, I can't follow the moves, Jos� doesn't see the moves.

          2) I'm also looking for a practical way to import chessbase databases. I guess I'll need a chessbase-pgn converter. Well, I'm on OS X, any suggestions? or does Jos� can handle that for me?

          I run Jos� on OS X 10.3.9
          peterschaeferProject AdminAccepting Donations

          2005-10-30 13:12:23 EST
          (1) I don't quite understand your problem.
          You can paste the notation but you can't play the moves ?

          If the notation is displayed with a blue font, Jose interprets them as commentary text, which can't be replayed. In that case, check that the pasted text really is in PGN format.

          If the notation is displayed with a black font, you should be able to replay them … unless there is a bug or something …

          (2) Unfortunately, Jose can't handle ChessBase files.
          The file format is proprietary and ChessBase choose not to make it openly available.

          There used to be a converter for the old CBF format, but I can't tell you where to look for it.

          2005-10-30 19:06:04 EST
          The blue font vc black font made things easier to me. I only tried command+V and using the edit menu- paste command to import pgn from clipboard into Jose. And it only will give me blue font (commentary). Right-clicking in the notation panel brings the paste pgn option into view. Now it's easy but I think including the paste-pgn option in the menu wouldn't hurt the interface.

          2005-12-01 18:43:26 EST
          There is a program on the mac called exachess. If you have a cbf chess database, it can convert it to pgn. You can also try using Chessbase on the mac via virtual pc or perhaps you can get hold of Chessbase 1.1 for the mac. If you have a chessbase database and the chessbase program, the easiest way is to do a pgn export inside chessbase itself."