project abandoned?

  • peteS

    Looks like this project has been abandoned by the author.

    I tried to build from the source but it does not compile. Some of the same issues as brought up in the "Suggestion, compilation errors in jose-1.4.4." thread which were never addressed by the author such as the missing devtools package.
    Thanks for wasting my time.

    • rgeorgy

      After mentioning that I think that jose is a great chess software, and maybe a killer for chessmaster and chessbase, I'd like to express my sadness about this project being abandoned, and I'd like to see it live again.
      Maybe you (the author) could refer us to anywhere that we could contribute in.

    • xorb

      It is a shame.  It appears the last bug that was closed was back in 2006.  Though clearly that isn't discouraging people from continuing to submit but reports (including myself).

      I am also interested in knowing if there is another open source project out there, similar to this one, that is seeing more action.  Any suggestions?  Or should someone spend the time to try and resurrect this one?