Integrate into a web server

  • I'd like to use Jose to dynamically generate HTML as part of a web application.  The idea would be that members of our chess club could upload games to the MySQL database, and then we would produce HTML pages on the fly. 
    Has anyone tried this with Jose or do you know of any other software I could use for this task?
    Basically, I need to be able to call the Jose API from within my servlet, passing in a Stream with PGN and getting a stream with HTML.

    • Neil Benn
      Neil Benn

      As far as other software is concerned, you could look at Internet Chess Toolkit (ictk).  This is a java API for that can parse pgn files.  You would need to design the database and associated persistence code yourself, though.

      URL is

    • Peter Schäfer
      Peter Schäfer

      I've been thinking along these lines, too, but it has little priority for me.

      You should look into the print/export code. It reads games from the MySQL database (binary format), creates XML and uses XSLT to create HTML pages.

      This could be used as basis of a web servlet.