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Pawn promotion bug?

Don Dailey
  • Don Dailey
    Don Dailey

    Is there any known instances of pawn promotion bugs with Jose?

    What has happened to me twice is that I am forced to abort a game after a8=Q or h8=Q.   I don't know if it's a flank pawn promotion bug or what. 

    I am using Toga and my platform is Linux.  I don't know if this is a Toga bug or not,   I get the message that the engine is reporting an error and the move is something like "a7a8q"   

    It's important to note that this move had already been played on the previous turn.   It appears as if the engine is trying to play it again.

    There is one other issue.  In the game box the white castling move appears as e1h1 instead of e1g1.  It does not appear to cause any other kinds of problems however, it just looks weird.

    Does it do this for others?  Just start a new game in analysis mode, and play out enough moves to get white to castle on the king side with the game window open.

    - Don

    • ~viper~

      toga did not seem to be a solid engine...lot of little bugs here and there, but I don't get the h8=Q bug.

      For your notation, why don't you just change it to display figurines or algebraic notation in your language?