How to Jose Database on Web Site?

  • shr0pshire

    Are there any instructions on how to create a jose chess database on a web server?  I am sorry, but I am a newb and I looked for instructions on how to install Jose onto a web server and I couldn't find any. 

    It is a Linux server running Apache and I have several MySQL databases available to me. I don't use the command line because I am on a windows computer and use a graphical ftp client, but I could manuever with the command line if need be.  

    If someone could point me in the right direction on how to install it, any would appreciate it. 


    • Peter Schäfer
      Peter Schäfer

      Hello Joe,

      first question is, what would you like to use the database for ?

      If you want to employ Jose's web interface, you need a Java application server (like Tomcat). Please ask your provider if somehing like this is available on your host computer.

      However, you can also access a remote database from Jose's desktop interface. Here's how you would go about it:

      Step 1: Create a local database

      Install Jose on your local computer, open the database window. If you like, import some PGN files.
      Now have a look in the folder jose/database/mysql/jose. There are a some MySQL database files.

      Step 2: Transfer the database files to the web server

      Use ftp to copy the folder database/mysql/jose to the web server, into the MySQL data directory (where all the other databases are located).

      That's it. Now you have a working MySQL database named "jose".

      Step 3: Configure Jose to use the remote database

      Download Connector/J from this address:

      From the downloaded package copy the file
      to jose/lib/jdbc/mysql.jar

      Open the file jose/config/datasources.xml:
      At the top of the file you will find an entry
        <data-source default="true">
      change that to
        <data-source default="false">
      (this will disable the _local_ database access)

      At the bottom of the file you will find another entry below
        <!-- Example for External server -->
      Change that to:
        <data-source default="true">
      (this will enable the _remote_ database access)

      and replace some connection parameters:
         <jdbc-url> jdbc:mysql://[host]:[port]/jose </jdbc-url>
      fill in the remote host name and database port

          <param-value> [user-name] </param-value>
          <param-value> [password] </param-value>
      fill in user name and password, if the MySQL server requires it

      OK, now you are ready to launch Jose, and connect to the _remote_ database.

      Step 4: Configure Jose's web application

      as already mentioned, you need a Java application server, e.g. Tomcat.
      Jose's web application is located in jose/web.
      If you need help for setting up the web application, please ask ...

      Hope this helps,

  • How do I set up the web application?

    Please help :)