font rendering question and wishlist item

  • ead0002


    [ All, Disregard my previous post having this subject. It posted
      prematurely. Admins, please delete it. --Eric ]

    The piece font rendering is superb, and is done better than any other
    program that I've seen, including commercial (e.g. Chessbase) products.
    How is this done?

    It seems that you use the same fonts (e.g. Merida) that other programs
    do, yet the black pieces have a very thin white outline and the white
    pieces have a very thin black outline. This results in *superior* piece
    definition on the board, in my opinion, and the creation of superior
    graphical chess diagrams.

    Which I'm creating by taking a screen snapshot and then cropping. (Under
    Linux, that is. In contrast, Jose's "Copy / Image" and "Copy / Image+
    Background" functionality works fine under Windows XP.)

    My wishlist item is: I'd like to be able to have the (ostensibly two-
    dimensional) chessboard rendered two-dimensionally rather than three-
    dimensionally. That is, I wish to be able to have it be drawn without
    a light-source causing the left and top edges to be white and the east
    and south edges to be black. Instead, I'd like to be able to have a
    single-width black outline around the board.