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Opening Repertoire and Training features

  • OK,

    I am almost hooked...  I haven't downloaded the tar file but I am giving this program serious consideration [ SCID used to be my favorite chess database program. ]

    I have two questions regarding the tree feature.  Is it possible to train against a database with the tree feature?  This is what I usually do in SCID:

    1. I open a database
    2. I start the tree
    3. I select training and the moves from the tree are hidden
    4. I make a move on the screen and if the database has that move the tree recognizes it and makes another move against me and I continue playing until the move I make is not in the database where the training session ends

    Can I do that with Jose?

    Also, SCID has a feature that I absolutely love: Opening Repertoire.  Can I construct a repertoire of moves that will filter a pgn database and yield as a result only those games that follow the repertoire?

    Ah!  How about a opening report feature?  Yes, I would make some moves on the board and ask for a opening report with SCID.  The opening report feature would then read the database for those games that emerge from that position and then proceeds to build a cool report a la Encyclopaedia of Chess Openings.  Can I do that with Jose?

    I know I am all over the place but as user I have seen great things in SCID that I would like to see in Jose... Please forgive me :-)

    If Jose doesn't do those things, would you consider implementing them?

    I absolutely loved the clock feature in Jose because it will be feasible for me to train middlegames or endgames and come up with an analysis, compare it with the engine's analysis and see how well I did.  Absolutely fantastic!

    How does Jose run on Fedora Core 1?

    Did you know that my father's name is Jose?

    What does Jose mean?



    • Peter Schäfer
      Peter Schäfer


      thanks a lot for your nice words & suggestions.

      - Tree feature
      Jose doesn't have a position tree, yet.
      It's right on top of my wish list, but I've not yet decided how to implement the data structures.

      Hiding moves during training is also a nice idea !

      - Opening Repertoire and Report
      excellent features of SCID !
      I would love to have them in Jose, too. The data structures are there, but the user interface requires some work. So I can't promise when this will happen...

      - Fedora Core 1
      I'm not a Linux expert, but I expect no problems.

      The name "Jose" is meant as a reverence to Jose Capablanca, the "Chess Machine".


      • Thanks for replying to my post and considering my suggestions.

        I will download the program and start using it to get a feeling of its robustness and capabilities. 

        Maybe the features I am looking for are missing but I still want to give your database program a look. 

        I forgot to ask: is it possible instead of making a pdf of the entire game to make a jpg file of the board and export it to a or open office document? [ This feature is inherent to Chesspad and I absolutely love it! You can check Chesspad at http://www.wmlsoftware.com/ It is a very nice piece of software... I like the fact that it doesn't even cough when a high number of games is called upon and its figurine notation which I find so cool! ]

        And yet another question:  Can Jose merge games selected from a database into a single pgn file with variations numbered a la Chessbase? [ I haven't seen any other program do that... ]

        I hope I wasn't disrespectfull making comparisons between SCID, Chessbase (I used to use the Lite version), and Chesspad...

        Yet another piece of software worth checking:  http://www.chesspositiontrainer.com/  I absolutely love that one but as you might have guessed I can't use those programs on Linux (I don't want to use emulators just yet...)

        Anyway!  Thanks Peter... I will work with your program...

        I am no coder myself but anything I can do to help?