JOpenChart 0.94 brings a lot more features

JOpenChart 0.94 has taken a while, a bit longer than planned actually, due to university, exams and annoying things like that. But here it is and it brings features with it:

- Now renders stacked bar charts and radar charts.
- Fully automatic, and good looking, margin adaption. No more cut-off labels.
- Add data models with differently sized data sets.
- Support for editable data models, enabling real time updated GUI charts, see as an example and the TestGUI ant target.
- Now allows manually setting of maximum and minimum x- and y-values, allowing for zooming.
- allows plotting of sql query results
- Various options for controlling rendering style, esp. of bar charts and coordinate systems, see and always
- e.g Setting the axis units
- and displaying sums on top of bars etc.
- Choose preset shapes and arbitrary colors for your data sets and plot charts, easily implement your own shapes

- RowColorModel is not a singleton instance anymore
- I externalized the ChartDataModelConstraints class, you can provide your own implementation or extend the existing ones. See StackedChartDataModelConstraints as an example.
- Web archive (war file) now supports Tomcat 3.x and 4.x.

Posted by S. Müller 2002-11-04