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#52 The new JoonePad application

Paolo Marrone
Paolo Marrone

The actual GUI Editor (JoonEdit) is based on JHotDraw,
a graphical library that, after the last releases, is
not more compatible with the newest versions (the
authors have changed several publib interfaces).
So, instead of spending a lot of work trying to adapt
the code of JoonEdit, we prefer to rewrite the editor
using a new graphical library, JGraph, that we think is
more complete and powerful than JHotDraw.
We have also thought to make the new editor very simple
to change and adapt to any needs, by using a XUL
library named SwiXML. To do this, we have opened a new
project named SwiXAT, that has the goal to write an
entire Swing-XML based framework.

The framework is in a initial phase of developmenet, as
we already have a working set of classes that anyone
can try (you can download them from the cvs repository
of the SwiXAT project).

The main goal of SwixAT is to build a complete
framework where the user could build whatever
application simply by defining the Views in XML and the
behavior in JavaScript (hence without compiling any
java code!). In this manner it will be possible to
build, for instance, a simple neural network trainer, a
complete visual editor, a graphic interface to control
the distributed environment, a custom stock forecaster,

All that simply by editing the XML GUI interface
descriptors and adding some JavaScript code.


  • Paolo Marrone
    Paolo Marrone

    • priority: 5 --> 7
  • Paolo Marrone
    Paolo Marrone

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