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Welcome to Wyvern

Well, there's been a few changes, a few switches but now it should all go stable. I had too many expectations of myself. But I promise as my skills improve this project will also. The source code will be tested on as many platforms as possible. Source code will be available only for awhile and there will be support for two archive types: tar & zip. These two archives are the most used among DOS-like and Unix-like operating systems. Things are going to be bumpy at first I admit but if you wait long enough this project will be worthy of noting.

Posted by JonS 2007-01-07

Project Info October

Here is all of the news regarding October 2006.

Posted by JonS 2006-10-02

Project Info September

Hey all, Jonathan's Role Playing Game Studio is still in the making. I'm compling under Windows 98/MS Dos using Visual C++ 6.0, so it should work very smooth on Windows 32-bit platforms. As for the rest I'm compling under Open Watcom, this compiler is crazy! There should be a release very soon!

Posted by JonS 2006-09-26