#2 10.6.8 Greyed Out...


Running Mac OS 10.6.8. When I open the app, I get the dialog box asking me to open a comic. When I cancel out to get to the conversion options, the machine closes. If I don't cancel out, or if I select a comic, all drop-down menu options are greyed out and unclickable. Am I missing something?


  • This is a know issue for which currently there is no solution.

    Workaround: Even with all menues greyed out, you can still drag&drop comics on the Jomic app or use keyboard shortcuts (Command-O to open a comic, Command-Shift-C to convert comics).

    The root cause for this situation seems to be a incompatibility between the Quaqua library and MRJAdapter. I managed to reproduce this with a trivial demo program from MRJAdapter, which shows the same behavior once Quaqua is used by the demo application. But I never managed to wrap this in a bug report due to all the hazzle involved...

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