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Jomic 0.9.9b1 (unstable) released

This release fixes a few bugs, and adds improved sorting of improperly names images, a help viewer with search capabilities, and partial German localization.

Posted by Thomas Aglassinger 2005-05-02

Jomic 0.9.8 released

This release fixes a bug that prevented the unrar command to work that is included in the Mac OS X release. It also improves logging for tracking installation problems.

Posted by Thomas Aglassinger 2005-03-17

Jomic 0.9.7 released

This relase fixes a few minor bugs, adds experimental support for PDF
comics, enables to change the background color, and adds menu mnemonics
for keyboard-only menu navigation on platforms that support this.

Posted by Thomas Aglassinger 2005-03-13

Jomic 0.9.6 released

This release fixes the installer and web browser integration for
platforms other than Mac OS X, and adds File > Reveal for Windows.

Posted by Thomas Aglassinger 2005-01-02

Jomic 0.9.5 released

This release fixes a few bugs, adds an installer and Mac OS X documents icons.

Posted by Thomas Aglassinger 2004-12-28

Jomic 0.9.4 released

This release fixes problems with reading images that do not specify all
available indexed colors in their palette, and a few other minor bugs.

Posted by Thomas Aglassinger 2004-11-15

Jomic 0.9.3 released

This releases adds fitting images to width or hight (removing the need to scroll in four directions), rotation, an improved recognition of image files, and the possibility to extend the supported image formats with plugins.

It also restores drag and drop in the Mac OS X Finder, and fixes an annoyance with unnecessary scrollbars due to rounding errors while scaling the image.

As a consequence of the changed image parsing, built-in support for TIFF has been removed. You can restore it by installing a proper plugin, for example the one included with the JAI Image I/O Tools, available from <>. ... read more

Posted by Thomas Aglassinger 2004-11-01

Jomic 0.9.3-rc1 (unstable) released

This release candidate improves viewing for users with smaller screen by offering to fit the image to the height or width of the visual area. Furthermore, it is now possible to rotate the comic.

Although the new features seem to work fine and the documentation is up to date, I decided to give it about a week of quality assurance and code cleanup before making an official release. Furthermore I recently noticed that 0.9.2 broke drag & drop in the Mac OS X Finder, and it seems prudent to fix this soon.

Posted by Thomas Aglassinger 2004-10-24

Jomic 0.9.2 released

This release improves the image layout when sizes of two images do not match, moves the image to the top right when reading from right to left, and fixes a few minor bugs.

Posted by Thomas Aglassinger 2004-10-17

Jomic 0.9.1 released

This release adds a few minor features: a file dialog on launch if no
comic is passed, improved sorting of image names, and matching page
numbers in the title bar if viewed with left and right image swapped.

Posted by Thomas Aglassinger 2004-08-08

Jomic freshmeat entry

Jomic now has an entry at freshmeat:

Freshmeat maintains an index of Unix and cross-platform software, and provides services such as update notification, rating, and tracking of various statistics. While this is similar to some of the things Jomic's project page at already provides, freashmeat's interface is less cluttered.... read more

Posted by Thomas Aglassinger 2004-07-23

Jomic 0.9.0 released.

This release fixes a few bugs, and enhances the developer guide. It now includes notes on the architecture and some key concepts of the design, which simplifies contributing and reusing parts of the code in other projects.

Posted by Thomas Aglassinger 2004-07-22

Jomic 0.8.13 released

This release fixes a few bugs, in particular concerning Go > To Page.

Posted by Thomas Aglassinger 2004-07-15

Jomic 0.8.12 released

This release fixes some minor issues and adds an option to swap the left and right image when showing two pages ("manga mode").

Posted by Thomas Aglassinger 2004-07-11

Jomic 0.8.11 released.

This release fixes a couple of bugs, improves the progress bar during opening comics, and adds a Mac OS X Finder icon.

Posted by Thomas Aglassinger 2004-06-15

Jomic 0.8.10 released

This update improves navigation and addresses a few minor annoyances.

Posted by Thomas Aglassinger 2004-06-05

Jomic 0.8.9 released

This update adds some keyboard shortcuts for easier navigation, allows to hide the toolbar, adds an info view, and improves handling of broken images and nested archives.

Posted by Thomas Aglassinger 2004-05-10

Jomic 0.8.8 released

This release fixes a few minor quirks with "File > Open recent".

Posted by Thomas Aglassinger 2004-04-21

Jomic 0.8.7 released

This release allows to easily open recent comics and browse the next/previous issue of a series. Furthermore it about halfes the size of the distribution.

Posted by Thomas Aglassinger 2004-04-19

Mailing lists for users and developers available

There are now to mailing lists available:

Jomic-users is for general discussion, resolving problems, suggestions and so on:

Jomic-developers is for discussion concerning design and code of Jomic:

Posted by Thomas Aglassinger 2004-04-13

Jomic 0.8.6 released

This version fixes some quirks with the user interface, allows to read comics with big images (for example 2000x3000 pixels), and improves the Mac OS X integration.

Posted by Thomas Aglassinger 2004-04-09

Jomic 0.8.5 released

This release fixes some problems related to the settings specifying how to render the comic.

Posted by Thomas Aglassinger 2004-03-31

Jomic-0.8.4 released

Jomic is a viewer for comic book archives. Version 0.8.4 improves performance when loading comic archives and fixes a bug when navigating the comic using the menu.

Posted by Thomas Aglassinger 2004-03-28

Jomic-0.8.3 released

Jomic is a viewer for comic book archives. Version 0.8.3 adds the possibility to view two pages at once, thus utilizing most of the available screen space.

Posted by Thomas Aglassinger 2004-03-25

Jomic-0.8.2 released

This is just a minor update improving an error message and getting rid of some junk.

Posted by Thomas Aglassinger 2004-03-14