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# JOE syntax highlight file for Progress 4GL
# by Gediminas http://proc.w3.lt
# Version 1.04

# bold inverse blink dim underline
# white cyan magenta blue yellow green red black
# bg_white bg_cyan bg_magenta bg_blue bg_yellow bg_green bg_red bg_black

=Comment	green
=Constant	cyan
=Type		magenta
# conditional operators, blocks
=Condition	bold
# buffer repositioning
=KeyDB		bold green
# create, delete record
=CreateDel	bold yellow
# preprocessor include, definition, reference
=Include	yellow
=Preproc	yellow

:idle Idle
	*		idle
	"/"		slash
	"{"		brace
	"&"		prep		buffer
	"a-zA-Z"	ident		buffer
	"'"		string		recolor=-1
	"\""		string2		recolor=-1
	"0-9"		number		recolor=-1 
	"?"		question	recolor=-1

# Comments - 2 levels of nesting allowed

:slash Idle
	*		idle		noeat
	"*"		comment		recolor=-2
:comment Comment
	*		comment
	"/"		slash2
	"*"		maybe_end_comment
:maybe_end_comment Comment
	*		comment
	"/"		idle
	"*"		maybe_end_comment

:slash2 Idle
	*		comment		noeat
	"*"		comment2	recolor=-2
:comment2 Comment
	*		comment2
	"*"		maybe_end_comment2
:maybe_end_comment2 Comment
	*		comment2
	"/"		comment
	"*"		maybe_end_comment2

# Preprocessor
#     Allow preprocessor name reference inside include file reference:
#     {include/trace {&FILE-NAME} {&LINE-NUMBER}}

:brace Include
	*		include		noeat
	"&"		scoped		recolor=-2
	"}"		idle

:include Include
	*		include		recolor=-2
	"{"		brace2
	"}"		idle

:brace2 Include
	*		include2	noeat
	"}"		idle

:include2 Include
	*		include2	recolor=-2
	"}"		include

:scoped PreRef
	*		scoped
	"}"		idle

:prep Preproc
	*			idle		noeat istrings
	"&IF"			predir
	"&THEN"			predir
	"&ELSEIF"		predir
	"&ELSE"			predir
	"&ENDIF"		predir
	"&SCOPED-DEFINE"	predir
	"&SCOP"			predir
	"&GLOBAL-DEFINE"	predir
	"&GLOB"			predir
	"&MESSAGE"		predir
	"&UNDEFINE"		predir
	"&UNDEF"		predir
	"-a-zA-Z0-9_"		prep

:predir Preproc
	*		idle		noeat

# String constants, copied from pascal.jsf with " added

:string Constant
	*		string
	"\n"		idle
	"'"		maybe_end_string

:maybe_end_string Constant
	*		idle		recolor=-1 noeat
	"'"		string

:string2 Constant
	*		string2
	"\n"		idle
	"\""		maybe_end_string2

:maybe_end_string2 Constant
	*		idle		recolor=-1 noeat
	"\""		string2

# Numeric constant, same as pascal.jsf

:number Constant
	*		idle		noeat
	"0-9"		number
	"eE"		epart
	"."		dot

:dot Constant
	*		idle	noeat
	"0-9"		float

:float Constant
	*		idle	noeat
	"eE"		epart
	"0-9"		float

:epart Constant
	*		idle	noeat
	"0-9+\-"	enum

:enum Constant
	*		idle	noeat
	"0-9"		enum

:question Constant
	*		idle noeat

# Keywords
# Available jumps: operator type kw kwdb credel func

:ident Idle
	*		idle		noeat istrings
	"assign"	cond
	"case"		cond
	"cha"		type
	"char"		type
	"character"	type
	"create"	credel
	"dat"		type
	"date"		type
	"dec"		type
	"decimal"	type
	"defined"	predir
	"delete"	credel
	"do"		cond
	"else"		cond
	"end"		cond
	"find"		kwdb
	"for"		kwdb
	"function"	cond
	"get"		kwdb
	"handle"	type
	"if"		cond
	"int"		type
	"integer"	type
	"leave"		cond
	"log"		type
	"logical"	type
	"memptr"	type
	"next"		cond
	"otherwise"	cond
	"param"		cond
	"parameter"	cond
	"procedure"	cond
	"raw"		type
	"rec"		type
	"repeat"	cond
	"reposition" kwdb
	"return"	cond
	"rowid"		type
	"run"		cond
	"then"		cond
	"when"		cond
	"widget-handle"	type
	"-a-zA-Z0-9_"	ident

:cond Condition
	*	idle	noeat

:kwdb KeyDB
	*	idle	noeat

:type Type
	*	idle	noeat

:credel CreateDel
	*	idle	noeat