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--- a
+++ b/configure.ac
@@ -0,0 +1,195 @@
+# Process this file with autoconf to produce a configure script.
+# We need AC_PROG_EGREP
+#### Here's the only place where to change version number ####
+AC_INIT(joe, 3.7)
+# Init automake
+# Checks for programs.
+case "$host" in
+	*-*-solaris*)
+		CPPFLAGS="$CPPFLAGS -I/usr/local/include"
+		LDFLAGS="$LDFLAGS -L/usr/local/lib -R/usr/local/lib"
+		;;
+	*)	;;
+search_libs="$search_libs m"
+# Checks for libraries.
+[  --disable-curses        disable use of curses library],
+	curses=$enableval, curses=yes)
+if test "$curses" = "yes"; then
+	search_libs="ncurses curses"
+[  --disable-termcap       disable use of termcap library],
+	termcap=$enableval, termcap=yes)
+if test "$termcap" = "yes"; then
+	search_libs="$search_libs termcap"
+AC_SEARCH_LIBS(openpty, util, AC_DEFINE_UNQUOTED(HAVE_OPENPTY, 1, [If we have BSD function openpty()]))
+AC_SEARCH_LIBS(login_tty, util, AC_DEFINE_UNQUOTED(HAVE_LOGIN_TTY, 1, [If we have BSD function login_tty()]))
+AC_SEARCH_LIBS(tgetflag, $search_libs, AC_DEFINE_UNQUOTED(TERMINFO, 1, [If we have newer terminfo/termcap capabilities]))
+AC_SEARCH_LIBS(snprintf, snprintf db, AC_DEFINE_UNQUOTED(HAVE_SNPRINTF, 1, [If we have snprintf]))
+# Checks for header files.
+if test "$ac_cv_sys_posix_termios" = "yes"; then
+	AC_DEFINE(HAVE_POSIX_TERMIOS, 1, [We have <termios.h> and <sys/termios.h>])
+	AC_CHECK_HEADERS([termio.h sys/termio.h])
+	if test "$ac_cv_header_termio_h" = "yes" -a "$ac_cvs_header_sys_termio_h" = "yes" ]; then
+		AC_DEFINE(HAVE_SYSV_TERMIO, 1, [We have <termio.h> and <sys/termio.h>])
+	fi
+AC_CHECK_HEADERS([errno.h fcntl.h locale.h sgtty.h stdlib.h string.h])
+AC_CHECK_HEADERS([sys/ioctl.h sys/param.h sys/time.h unistd.h utime.h])
+AC_CHECK_HEADERS([sys/dirent.h time.h pwd.h paths.h pty.h libutil.h])
+AC_CHECK_HEADERS([sys/types.h sys/stat.h sys/wait.h limits.h signal.h])
+AC_CHECK_HEADERS([curses.h term.h utmp.h sys/utime.h])
+AC_CHECK_HEADERS([selinux/selinux.h selinux/context.h])
+if test "$ac_cv_header_selinux_selinux_h" = "yes" -a "$ac_cv_header_selinux_context_h" = "yes" ; then
+	echo "Enabling SELinux context copying!"
+	AC_DEFINE(HAVE_SELINUX, 1, [We have SELinux headers])
+# Checks for typedefs, structures, and compiler characteristics.
+if test "$cross_compiling" = "yes" ; then
+	AC_MSG_WARN(cross compiling so assuming defaults for most 32 bit machines)
+AC_CHECK_SIZEOF(short, 2)
+AC_CHECK_SIZEOF(long long, 4)
+AC_CHECK_SIZEOF(void *, 4)
+	[AC_DEFINE([HAVE_SIGHANDLER_T], 1, [Define if you have the `sighandler_t' type.])],
+	,
+	[/* if you have signal.h header, include it */
+#include <signal.h>
+# Checks for library functions.
+AC_CHECK_SIZEOF(off_t, 4)
+AC_CHECK_TYPE([ssize_t], [], [
+	AC_DEFINE([ssize_t], [int], [Define to `int' if <sys/types.h> does not define.])
+	], [])
+AC_CHECK_FUNCS([getcwd getwd])
+if test x"$ac_cv_func_getcwd" != xyes; then
+	if test x"$ac_cv_func_getwd" != xyes; then
+		AC_MSG_ERROR([don't know how to get current working directory])
+	fi
+if test x"$ac_cv_func_isblank" = xyes; then
+AC_CHECK_FUNCS([alarm mkdir mkstemp putenv setlocale strchr strdup utime setpgid])
+AC_CHECK_FUNCS([setitimer sigaction sigvec siginterrupt sigprocmask])
+dnl Math functions... "-lm" doesn't always have them all on embedded systems
+AC_SEARCH_LIBS(sin, m, AC_DEFINE_UNQUOTED(HAVE_SIN, 1, [If we have sin()]))
+AC_SEARCH_LIBS(cos, m, AC_DEFINE_UNQUOTED(HAVE_COS, 1, [If we have cos()]))
+AC_SEARCH_LIBS(tan, m, AC_DEFINE_UNQUOTED(HAVE_TAN, 1, [If we have tan()]))
+AC_SEARCH_LIBS(exp, m, AC_DEFINE_UNQUOTED(HAVE_EXP, 1, [If we have exp()]))
+AC_SEARCH_LIBS(sqrt, m, AC_DEFINE_UNQUOTED(HAVE_SQRT, 1, [If we have sqrt()]))
+AC_SEARCH_LIBS(cbrt, m, AC_DEFINE_UNQUOTED(HAVE_CBRT, 1, [If we have cbrt()]))
+AC_SEARCH_LIBS(log, m, AC_DEFINE_UNQUOTED(HAVE_LOG, 1, [If we have log()]))
+AC_SEARCH_LIBS(log10, m, AC_DEFINE_UNQUOTED(HAVE_LOG10, 1, [If we have log10()]))
+AC_SEARCH_LIBS(asin, m, AC_DEFINE_UNQUOTED(HAVE_ASIN, 1, [If we have asin()]))
+AC_SEARCH_LIBS(acos, m, AC_DEFINE_UNQUOTED(HAVE_ACOS, 1, [If we have acos()]))
+AC_SEARCH_LIBS(atan, m, AC_DEFINE_UNQUOTED(HAVE_ATAN, 1, [If we have atan()]))
+AC_SEARCH_LIBS(sinh, m, AC_DEFINE_UNQUOTED(HAVE_SINH, 1, [If we have sinh()]))
+AC_SEARCH_LIBS(cosh, m, AC_DEFINE_UNQUOTED(HAVE_COSH, 1, [If we have cosh()]))
+AC_SEARCH_LIBS(tanh, m, AC_DEFINE_UNQUOTED(HAVE_TANH, 1, [If we have tanh()]))
+AC_SEARCH_LIBS(asinh, m, AC_DEFINE_UNQUOTED(HAVE_ASINH, 1, [If we have asinh()]))
+AC_SEARCH_LIBS(acosh, m, AC_DEFINE_UNQUOTED(HAVE_ACOSH, 1, [If we have acosh()]))
+AC_SEARCH_LIBS(atanh, m, AC_DEFINE_UNQUOTED(HAVE_ATANH, 1, [If we have atanh()]))
+AC_SEARCH_LIBS(floor, m, AC_DEFINE_UNQUOTED(HAVE_FLOOR, 1, [If we have floor()]))
+AC_SEARCH_LIBS(ceil, m, AC_DEFINE_UNQUOTED(HAVE_CEIL, 1, [If we have ceil()]))
+AC_SEARCH_LIBS(fabs, m, AC_DEFINE_UNQUOTED(HAVE_FABS, 1, [If we have fabs()]))
+AC_SEARCH_LIBS(erf, m, AC_DEFINE_UNQUOTED(HAVE_ERF, 1, [If we have erf()]))
+AC_SEARCH_LIBS(erfc, m, AC_DEFINE_UNQUOTED(HAVE_ERFC, 1, [If we have erfc()]))
+AC_SEARCH_LIBS(j0, m, AC_DEFINE_UNQUOTED(HAVE_J0, 1, [If we have j0()]))
+AC_SEARCH_LIBS(j1, m, AC_DEFINE_UNQUOTED(HAVE_J1, 1, [If we have j1()]))
+AC_SEARCH_LIBS(y0, m, AC_DEFINE_UNQUOTED(HAVE_Y0, 1, [If we have y0()]))
+AC_SEARCH_LIBS(y1, m, AC_DEFINE_UNQUOTED(HAVE_Y1, 1, [If we have y1()]))
+# check if -liconv is necessary
+# if iconv() is in libc, don't bother with -liconv
+#  [REQRD_LIBS= ],
+#  [REQRD_LIBS=-liconv])
+dnl OK lets try it...
+dnl AM_GNU_GETTEXT([external])
+AH_VERBATIM([_PARAMS],[/* Check to see if we can use strict prototypes */
+#ifndef PARAMS
+#  ifdef PROTOTYPES
+#    define PARAMS(protos) protos
+#  else
+#    define PARAMS(protos) ()
+#  endif
+# Check for programs..
+AC_CONFIG_FILES([Makefile joe/Makefile rc/Makefile man/Makefile man/ru/Makefile
+syntax/Makefile po/Makefile
+syntax/c.jsf syntax/perl.jsf syntax/verilog.jsf syntax/sh.jsf syntax/python.jsf
+syntax/conf.jsf syntax/php.jsf syntax/mail.jsf syntax/pascal.jsf syntax/html.jsf
+syntax/vhdl.jsf syntax/fortran.jsf syntax/java.jsf syntax/xml.jsf syntax/tcl.jsf
+charmaps/klingon syntax/lisp.jsf syntax/csh.jsf syntax/mason.jsf syntax/diff.jsf
+syntax/asm.jsf syntax/css.jsf syntax/tex.jsf syntax/ocaml.jsf syntax/4gl.jsf
+syntax/sml.jsf syntax/sql.jsf syntax/awk.jsf syntax/cobol.jsf syntax/sed.jsf
+syntax/ps.jsf syntax/ada.jsf syntax/troff.jsf syntax/haskell.jsf
+syntax/rexx.jsf syntax/skill.jsf syntax/lua.jsf syntax/ruby.jsf syntax/m4.jsf
+syntax/joerc.jsf syntax/spec.jsf syntax/matlab.jsf syntax/jsf.jsf syntax/jsf_check.jsf])