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Modify other window first joe 3.3

Robert C
  • Robert C
    Robert C

    While searching for this 'block copy/move' problem, I found this on the mailing
    list and then found that message in the src so I figured I'd stick it out in the open in case
    someone can explain it.

    It's found in          joe +348 cmd.c
    in the joe-3.3 src root.

    Another sighting:

    My issue is when having 2 files open, I cannot (only sometimes!) move a block
    from one file to the other. ^KB ^KK ^KN ^KM

    • Henry Pan
      Henry Pan

      If 1st file not modified, when ^KM to 2nd file, it shows
      "Modify other window first"
      You have to make some change on 1st file, and then you can ^KM to 2nd file.
      Why needs modifaction on 1st file before ^KM to 2nd file ?