JOE confused when editing same-name files

  • John Coppens
    John Coppens

    Hi all.

    JOE seems confused when editing same-name files in different directories. I'm editing old and new versions of a program, and I can't open files of the same name in two instances of JOE...

    I've also posted this as a bug.

    Is there a way around this?


    • Joe Allen
      Joe Allen

      I saw your bug, but I don't see how it can happen.  JOE creates lock files like .#filename in each directory.  So first, exit all instances of the editor and make sure that all lock files are deleted.  Then try it again.

      JOE uses the entire path to create the lock file. It only creates the lock after you start modifying the file.  If you suspend to the shell, you can see the lock with 'ls -a'.