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Wrapped search limitations

  • Lloyd Zusman
    Lloyd Zusman

    In using joe and looking through the source code in usearch.c, I realize that when the "-wrap" option is set (to provide wrapped searches), the search only wraps once.  In other words, once the starting point of the search is re-encountered, the wrapped search stops.

    I'm sure that this is deliberate (see the use of the "wrap_flag" attribute inside of usearch.c); however, I and at least a few other people would like our wrapped searches to continue forever, no matter how many times we pass the initial search starting point.  This is how wrapped searching works in Emacs, for example.

    I have put together a patch which defines a new option called "-wrap_forever".  If it is set, wrapped searches will not stop once the starting point is re-encountered.  This allows the current behavior to remain the default, and it gives people like me the ability to cause wrapping to go on forever.

    What do you folks think about this enhancement?  Is there any interest in my posting this patch?