feature request: put current file path

  • Fumisky Wells
    Fumisky Wells


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    1. In jstar ^K^E (file read), prompt is displayed to let me enter file path.  At first ^K^E, no default file path is set as initial one, but when I open another file by ^K^E again, file path is set.  This default value is useful to reduce to enter file path.  I wonder why it is not displayed at first ^K^E. 

    2. I'm opening usually 2..3 windows to edit several files.  When I open a file by ^K^E, last entered file path is displayed at the prompt as I mentioned above.  However, I prefer to have current window's file path to be displayed at the prompt rather than last ^K^E file path.  It would be better to select last file path or current window's file path.

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  • Joe Allen
    Joe Allen

    I've implemented your request number 2 in the "ansi_shell" branch (in mercurial) except that I attach the file path to the buffer, not the window. This way you get the correct path when you switch buffers in a window (with ESC v and ESC u). When a new buffer is loaded, it inherits the last file path of the previous buffer in the window.