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Syntax highlight for joe ?

  • Is there a way of switching on syntax highlighting (and choosing a language) after loading a file?

    I tend to edit quite a few files which have no specific extension but I know are of C++ like syntax.


    (Joe authors, many thanks for your editor. Is now my favourite terminal based editor)

    • Dan Nelson
      Dan Nelson

      Hit ^T y, then enter the name of the syntax file you want to use (tab-completion works at this prompt too).

  • Hi All,

    I modified the new perl.jsf (or rather, the creator script, perl.jsf.pl) because there was a bug. The bug is gone now but I would like to make some further improvements, but I have difficulties to understand how it works.

    Is there any documentation about it somewhere on the 'net?

    Or can somebody recommend a certain .jsf file to study for examples?


    And - to express the obvious ^_^ :
    Joe is the best! Small - simple - fast - easy to learn - has a Block Mode (the killer feature against most other editors)!

    Best regards & thanks 4 the program & 4 keeping it alive!

  • Just found the answer in the "Help"-section:

    > The only documentation is the comments in the c.jsf file.

    Thanks :-)