Feature request - Copy and Paste to clipboard

  • The most evident difference and shortcoming of Joe Vs any other editor: it is currently unable to copy/cut and paste text to another arbitrary location, that is, to the clipboard.

    Is that really impossible ?

    • Marek Grac
      Marek Grac

      This is not impossible and it is possible to do it even without too much coding. You can use macro language to define it. All you need is a xsel (http://www.niksula.hut.fi/~vherva/xsel/). This is quite small application that can work with X's clipboard. JOE is not dependent on X libraries so it cannot have access to this clipboard.

    • Joe Allen
      Joe Allen

      Another way is to use joe with a recent version of xterm compiled with the paste64 option.  Enable the -joexterm and -mouse options in joe and text selected with the mouse ends up on the clipboard.