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rjoe shift-backspace

  • Hello,

    When editing a document using rjoe and pressing backspace, it acts like the left arrow and doesn't delete but just shifts the cursor left one place.  It does, however, delete as expected if shift-backspace is pressed.

    I really would like to have the shift-backspace working when just backspace is pressed, and hope someone can help!

    - The version of rjoe I'm using is 3.5
    - My terminal emulation is vt100 and I've also tried Wyse60 to no avail.  I'm using the command as follows:
      rjoe -nosta -nonotice -wordwrap /lib/testdir/test.txt
    - I've toggled Overtype off and on to no effect.
    - I have not modified the rjoerc config file at all and the version of Linux is RH AS 4 - 2.6.9-42.ELsmp

    Many thanks for your time.

    • Derek Peschel
      Derek Peschel

      This migh be a problem with your terminal program.  Which program are you using?  And more importantly, what characters does it send when you push backspace and shift-backspace?

      You can find that out in rjoe by pushing the ` (grave accent, not apostrophe) key and then the backspace (or shift-backspace) key.  You will ilkely see an underlined H, an underlined ?, or a series of characters starting with an underlined [.  The underlining is rjoe's notation for control characters in your buffer.  (In case you don't know, your terminal program sends these control characters when you push certain keys, and rjoe sends them to do things like turning inverse video on and off.  The ` key forces rjoe to store the next control character instead of treating it as a command.)

      It may be hard to change your terminal program, but you can change your .rjoerc file to make the characters run the commands you want.  .rjoerc uses a circumflex ^ before a letter instead of underlining.  If you have the characters and need help with the .rjoerc changes, reply to the forum and I'll try to help.

    • Hi Derek,

      Many many thanks for your help, I've been away for a while hence not replying.

      The programs I use are SSH Secure Shell (http://www.ssh.com/products/) / wIntegrate, and unfortunately, it's these two programs that I need to get backspace working with.  Interestingly, PuTTY works correctly with the backspace key.

      When I type ` backspace in SSH Secure Shell I get the underlined question mark.
      If I type ` backspace in PuTTY, I get prompted with 'Ctrl- (or 0-9 for dec. ascii, x for hex, or o for octal) '

      If you could help me with what I need to change in the .rjoerc, I'd be very grateful.

      Many Thanks

    • Derek Peschel
      Derek Peschel

      First of all, the "Ctrl- (or 0-9 for dec. ascii, x for hex, or o for octal)"
      prompt you see is always shown, but goes away after you type a valid
      character.  In your example that ends by showing the underlined question
      mark, you should see the prompt after typing the ` and before hitting back-
      space.  Your other example that ends by showing the prompt is strange.  It
      makes me think the backspace key isn't being sent to Joe at all.  If that's
      true, then configuring Joe won't help.

      As for how you configure Joe:  You are using rjoe, so you need to look for
      a file called .rjoerc (probably in your home directory).  If you were using
      regular joe you would look for .joerc instead.  On UNIX, files starting with
      a dot don't show up in "ls" output, but you can do "ls -A" or "ls -a" or
      "ls -d .*" (without the quotation marks) to force them to be shown.  I'm
      hedging because I don't know which version will work for you.

      And inside .rjoerc is a section listing the keys that run each command,
      sorted by an abbreviation for the command name.  The backspace command is
      abbreviated backs and it should already have entries for ^? and ^H.  (Where
      the ` results underline a letter or punctuation mark, configuration files
      put a caret before the same letter or punctuation mark.)  If there is no
      entry for ^? you can add one.  Also search for the characters ^? in case some
      other command is stealing the same key.  (In some cases that's OK because
      some of the commands don't run all the time.  It may be best to post the 
      search results here before erasing any entries.)

      The part I don't understand about your examples is that you say PuTTY works,
      but it's the program that doesn't produce anything after the prompt.  And
      you say SSH Secure Shell doesn't work, but it does produce a character
      (and also a character which rjoe should already know about).  It would help
      me if you retried plain backspace and shift-backspace in both programs and    
      posted the results.  I don't run Windows so I can't try either program myself.

    • Ok, I've checked in rjoerc file and have located the 'backs' section and only the following two lines are present for 'backs':

      backs           ^?              Backspace
      backs           ^H

      I think I may have confused matters by bringing too many telnet clients to the table, so I'll just stick with wIntegrate.

      When I do a `backspace in rjoe using wIntegrate is get ^H and ^? for shifted-backspace.