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  • you dont seem to have a forum for wish lists so ill post this here.

    Joe is about the ONLY editor i consider to be SANE in any unix environment.  fte has some neat features but has some serious drawbacks that make it TOTALLY unuseable(we wont go into that though :)

    What I would like to be able to do is move the cursor BEYOND where joe considers the line to end.  If I cursor down onto a shorter line joe keeps the cursor in the CURRENT column which most braindead unix editors wont do but if i start to type joe resets the cursor to the end of the line.  I would like it if joe could insert the required numbre of SPACES!! (or tabs if you insist :) and start inserting the text i type at that point.

    This seems like a small thing but is very much prefered imho

    • Ben Lih Hsing
      Ben Lih Hsing

      Great point!  I for one would love to have this feature in joe.
      However, I want to make clearer what will happen if I cursor down onto a shorter line and press left.  Currently it will move the cursor to the end of line.  But with this feature change, I think we should make it move the cursor to just one space left and leave the move-cursor-to-end-of-line thing to the End key.  And one important thing is that although pressing the left/right keys beyond the end of a line moves the cursor one space at a time, the editor should not really insert spaces/tabs unless I start typing something.
      If you need a demonstration, I'm talking about the way the EDIT command in MS-DOS works. :P  It's a simple editor but very intuitive in little things like this.
      I'm a long-time joe lover and glad to see it now being improved.
      Hopefully I can get a grip of the source code and contribute something to it as well.