highlights in joe

  • Velcea Bogdan
    Velcea Bogdan

    Hi ! Do you know if it's posible to have highlights in joe editor, like others editors ( vim, emacs, mcedit, etc. ), for code programming ( auto syntax checking ) ?
    If isn't posible, I suggest this feature to joe coders, because it's a very usefull for code programming !


    • Erich

      I'd be interested in that feature too.
      (If this syntax highlighting could be customizable, it would be paradise. ;))

      Thanks, Erich

      • If only we had time traveling FTP 5 years ago, then Velcea could have taken advantage of that now existent feature, Mr. p10ndk_e.

        Charles J. Tabony

      • Oops.  I suspected you were one of my co-workers.  I just asked him.  He ain't you.  So feel free to ignore the "Mr. p10ndk_e" part of my last message.  The rest of it still holds though.  ;)

        Charles J. Tabony