#55 v 2.9.8: Suspends on ^Y while loading in Solaris 5.8

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When joe v 2.9.8 is loading (just after you type `joe
filename` and before you see the text appear on screen),
typing ^Y will suspend the program.

This is a problem because if you know that you don't
want the first couple lines of text, ^Y is the command in
joe to delete them. In pine, I *always* want to delete
the first two lines of text, meaning I keep inadvertantly
suspending joe and exiting the terminal window I'm in
when I'm just trying to reply to an email.

I have not seen this problem before 2.9.8; in pre1 it did
not exist.

To reproduce the problem, try to open joe on a large file
so that there's some lag between hitting return and being
able to edit text.

I have replicated this bug in solaris 5.8, but have not
found it in Redhat8, Redhat6, or Debian woody linux for


  • Joe Allen
    Joe Allen

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    What the heck is "dsusp" in Solaris? Anyway you can fix this
    by unbinding dsusp with stty. I can fix it by taking over
    the terminal before loading the file, but I will have to
    think about the consequences of this- don't expect a fix soon.

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    Actually, it's not just solaris...it's just that the solaris machine I was on,
    at that time, was really slow, so the brief moment when Joe can be
    suspended with ^Y was elongated. Other platforms, when the processor
    or disk are suitably drained, also exibit this bug.

    I have no idea what dsusp in solaris, but probably the same thing. I can
    live with that solution for as long as it takes, though. Thanks.

  • Joe Allen
    Joe Allen

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    I checked into this more: the delay is not from loading
    large files, but from other tasks which occur at startup:
    basically loading the termcap entry and processing joerc
    file (twice because it now loads the help messages in a
    second pass).

    Do you see "processing joerc file..." message when you hit

    The good news is I think this can be fixed: I have to call
    ttopen() earlier- unfortunately ttopen() uses some flags
    from the joerc file, but these could be reset later. I
    think fix will be

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    Yes, I see "Processing joerc file." Thanks very much! Odd that
    nobody else has reported it first; it's a pretty obnoxious event.

    • status: open --> open-fixed
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    Fixed in Joe 3.0

    • status: open-fixed --> closed-fixed