#209 improved color syntax for PHP and Ruby files

Daevid Vincent

First, i have some older files from PHP since back in the day that are .phtml files. Joe doesn't recognize these as PHP.

Second, compared to "vim", the color coding in Joe is really lacking for PHP files. Many of the key words are missing and it just doesn't seem to be as comprehensive.

And the color coding syntax for .rb (ruby) files is even worse. It amounts to green comments, white begin/end, teal for strings and everything else is gray.

This is a radical idea, but couldn't you change your parser engine to use whatever Vim uses? Then you could get the benefit of their color templates and all that magic but with the ease and convenience of Joe's editor.


  • Jan Engelhardt
    Jan Engelhardt

    Non-authoritative answer:

    Seriously, I find coloring definitions in many editors to be overly colorful in that they try to excessively highlight every single word, especially when these words are functions and not language constructs anymore. Things like strlen, strstr, etc.
    Been there, done that, threw it out. (I speak from experience.) These days I am only lighting up the real keywords -- function, if, else, do, while, for, break, continue, return, etc.
    I think joe is just doing fine. In fact, some of the functions could be removed from php.jsf even. But then that's just me, and joe's syntax rules go according to the author's tastes.