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#169 RFE: support for flowed format texts


Could it be possible to support format=flowed text as
described in RFC2646? I think joe currently supports
much of requirements, it needs just to support trailing
spaces on lines.

The flowed format could be autodetected, or forced via
an option.


  • Joe Allen
    Joe Allen

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    I'll add an option for this in the next verion. It's trivial.

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    I just hope you are talking about full flowed-format
    support, including mixed documents (e.g. flowed text with
    statically formated ascii tables), space-stuffing and quoting.

    I'll be HAPPY seeing support for this in joe.
    (I was just not 100% sure if it's really "trivial").

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    just for info:

    - flowed format defines "soft" line break, which is defined as space before EOL character.
    - lines may be quoted by using any number of the '>' characters following by one space.
    - block is defined as any number of lines indented with the same number where last line doesn't need to have trailing space
    (different number of quotes limits block, line without trailing space marks end of block)
    - lines can be shown with whatever size the current window is, but when saving text, they may be up to 79 characters long, including trailing line and '>' quotation

    joe is good when reformatting quoted blocks, but it doesn't leave trailing spaces in the middle of blocks. Fixing this would be quite enough for flowed-format support, but auto-reformatting of text when length of lines crosses 79 chars (happens when called from MUA which quoted the text) and ability to show flowed blocks so they fit to screen would be just great.

  • Joe Allen
    Joe Allen

    This is now is CVS. There is an option called -flowed which causes one space after intermediate paragraph lines.

  • Joe Allen
    Joe Allen

    • status: open --> closed