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JobScheduler / News: Recent posts

Release 1.8 of JobScheduler now available

The 1.8.0 releases of JobScheduler and JADE are now available for download from SourceForge and our web site.

This release is focused on four themes:
- bringing cluster operation up to a similar functional level as workload instances;
- implementation of a new system monitor interface;
- improved agent support;
- improved reliability.

In cluster operation the most important improvement is that a Master JobScheduler can now switch between a number of Agents should one become unavailable. ... read more

Posted by Andreas 2015-02-14

Release 1.7.4321 of JobScheduler now available

Releases 1.7.4321 of JobScheduler and the JADE Managed File Transfer Client are now available for download from our web site and from SourceForge (links are below).

These are maintenance releases with 53 bug-fixes and represent a tremendous effort on the part of the Development Team.

Behind the scenes we have introduced a new versioning and automatic build system that means that we can include corrections much more effectively and accurately than before. This is a significant step towards improving build quality – and will allow us to go forward with a series of interesting new features.... read more

Posted by Alan-A 2014-11-24

Job Scheduler 1.3.4 released

Release 1.3.4 provides - apart from minor improvements and bug fixes - the following features:

* Job Scheduler supports the management of central configurations in hot folders that are replicated to remote Job Scheduler instances.
* Support for the execution of shell scripts and programs on remote Job Scheduler instances
* Job Scheduler is available for AIX 5.3
* Support for Sybase ASE 15 database
* Improved support for using/migrating crontabs with Job Scheduler

Posted by Andreas 2008-02-14

Job Scheduler 1.3.2 released

The Job Scheduler runs executable files, shell scripts and database procedures automatically (MySQL,PostgreSQL,Firebird,SQL Server,Oracle,DB2). Job Scheduler provides sequential/parallel tasks, job chains and an API, see project web site for details.

This is a maintenance release that adds http authentication, minor improvements and quite a bunch of bugfixes to the Job Scheduler. See release notes for details.... read more

Posted by Andreas 2007-08-30

Job Scheduler 1.3rc released

This release includes feature enhancements planned
for Q1 2007 according to the roadmap at

The 1.3 release candidate was thoroughly tested, however,
we would like to receive your feedback in order to release
it as the stable 1.3 version.

- Backup Job Scheduler
Run multiple Job Schedulers with automatic fail-over,
this is the first out of a series of enterprise features
targeted for 2007, for details see
http://www.sos-berlin.com/doc/en/scheduler.doc/backupscheduler.xml... read more

Posted by Andreas 2007-01-23

Job Scheduler 1.2.9 released

This release includes

- Directory Monitoring with file orders
* This is different from simple directory monitoring that starts jobs:
in this case for every file that appears in a directory an order is
automatically created
* The implementation includes files being moved or removed automatically
by sinks at the end of a job chain

- Graphical output for Job Dependencies
The built-in web interface of the Job Scheduler offers two menu items to display
dependencies of jobs and job chains. This is usefuls to see at a glance successor
jobs and job states that have been configured for subsequent processing.... read more

Posted by Andreas 2006-09-25

Job Scheduler 1.2.7 released

release 1.2.7 includes:

- Support for conditional successor jobs

Jobs can be configured to have an arbitrary
number of successor jobs and orders which
are executed based on the exit code of the
current job as in
<job><commands on_exit_code=""/></job>

This is available for executable files launched
by <process file=""/> and for jobs configured
by <script/>.... read more

Posted by Andreas 2006-06-15

Job Scheduler 1.2.6 provides graphical Configuration Editor

release 1.2.6 includes:

- a graphical editor to manage XML configuration files that
validates input automatically.

- minor bugfixes

- improvements of the documentation

Posted by Andreas 2006-04-10

Job Scheduler 1.2.5 supports Web Services

Release 1.2.5 includes:

- Web Services can be configured to wrap the execution of programs and executable scripts
- Job execution results can be forwarded asynchronously to other Web Services
- The API exposes objects and methods to process Web Service requests and send job execution results to the caller synchronously
- Operation of the Job Scheduler can be controlled by Web Services

Posted by Andreas 2006-03-20

Job Scheduler release support SQL Server 2005

Release improves support for SQL Server 2005. For licence reasons the Microsoft JDBC Driver cannot be provided with the setup, see change notes for details on download and configuration.

we suggest to use this JDBC Driver for SQL Server 2000 and 2005. Support for the previous SQL Server 2000 JDBC Driver by the setup program has expired, but is further on availabe in the configuration web interface.

Posted by Andreas 2006-02-28

Job Scheduler release 1.2.4 supports PostgreSQL and DB2

Job Scheduler release 1.2.4 provides support for the execution of database statements for PostgreSQL 8.x and IBM DB2, besides Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL.

The execution of PHP scripts is now enabled by built-in Managed Jobs.

A new job type for Customized Database Reports was added that enables free HTML layout of reports, conditional scripting in report templates with Javascript and support for result sets of multiple database queries. ... read more

Posted by Andreas 2006-02-18

Job Scheduler 1.2 moved to SourceForge.net

The Job Scheduler sources, binaries and documentation were moved to SourceForge.net.

At the company site http://www.sos-berlin.com/scheduler some more presentations, german documentation, FAQs and professional support are offered.

This GPL release of the Job Scheduler is accompanied by commercial services (support, training, implementation) from our team at http://www.sos-berlin.com

Posted by Andreas 2005-10-03