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JNewton / News: Recent posts

JNewton 0.8 Release

I foobared the SVN server, so now the code is in the 'java' and 'native' folders.

In this release, all the most commonly used functions have been implemented. Some of the more advanced ones will not work correctly and should not be used, such as creating a user mesh, using rag dolls, and some vehicle functions.

If you are using Java 1.5 or later, you can use the new static import on JNewton to eliminate the repetitive 'JNewton.blah'. It makes using it much easier and cleaner. It also looks more like its C counterpart, so users of Newton will be very familiar with the coding structure.... read more

Posted by justin 2008-02-25

JNewton 0.8 Coming soon. Wha...?

I know what you're thinking "what happened to versions 0.3 through 0.7?" Well, I figured that only five or so functions aren't implemented yet, so version 1.0 should have all the functions implemented. In this version, the way callbacks are done has been completely redone, again, and should be much faster. Also, the file size is smaller since stdlib and std::map aren't used anymore. For performance reasons, I may be changing the use of longs to ints. But, doing so will require a huge overhaul of both the Java and Native sides. This won't impact this release though, look for ints in 0.9 (technically you won't see, it's all under the hood). Also, the package structure will change, but nothing major.

Posted by justin 2008-02-24

JNewton 0.2 is out!

The next version of JNewton has been released, after many months of sitting on my hard drive. Thanks to Stefan over at Jirr, jirr.sf.net, for getting me off my lazy ass.

Most of the updates that were made on the back end to increase performance. But, in doing so, some functionality was removed, mostly with callbacks.

There may be a new release at some point in the future.

Posted by justin 2007-04-30

Release 0.2 Coming - New Changes

I'll be releasing a new version of JNewton with in the next few weeks. Some things to note:

-The use of arrays is now gone. All the arrays have been replaced with Buffers. This should increase performance and reduce the size of the dll.
-A new helper class has been added to make using the buffers a little easier.
-I am also changing how the native methods are called. Instead of passing the Java object to the method, I am now only passing the pointer to what the object represents. This should increase performance and reduce code size. But, how you use it is still the same, the methods have not changed, only under the hood.... read more

Posted by justin 2006-07-24

First Release 0.1

The first release of JNewton has just been uploaded and should be availible for download soon. Here is a short guide on how to get it working:

Install JNewton:

1) Unzip into project directory
2) Add the path to jnewton/jar/jnewton.jar to your classpath
3) Add the path to the native dlls with -Djava.library.path=jnewton/native to your JVM argument list
4) Enjoy!

Use JNewton:

Once JNewton is installed, a simple test can be used to make sure it is working correctly. Type:... read more

Posted by justin 2006-06-18

First release soon

The first release of JNewton will be coming out as soon as I package it all up nicely, and maybe write some howto's.

Posted by justin 2006-06-13