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JMyBackup 2.0

New version available now.
- support for Windows, MacOS and Linux (32 and 64bit)
- new version of mysql-connector (5.1.18)

Posted by Marco 2012-03-07

JMyBackup 1.1.0

The new Version of JMyBackup is now available, including e.g.:
- Optimized usability
- Backup to table named files (sql-files)
- Backup to files including timestamp

Posted by Marco 2010-06-13

JMyBackup 1.10 in work

New version is in work, including backup to table named files and optimized usability.

Posted by Marco 2010-06-10

JMyBackup 1.02

First stable version available

Posted by Marco 2010-05-06

Version 1.0 (Beta)

The first version is available for download (state Beta).

Posted by Marco 2010-05-02

Version 1.0

First version coming soon

Posted by Marco 2010-03-31