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Another new Alpha release...

Ok, people. I release a second Alpha last night. This one fixes a lot of problem, but the biggest change is internal to the application. Anyway, more changes are comming like removal of a lot of "debug code" and possibly a GUI at some point. I also need to work on optimization a bit, as this application is not very.


Posted by Michael Bauer 2004-02-02

First release...

Well, I tried to release the first Alpha version of JMTF, but I am having some difficulties, which are probably due to the fact I am a newbie...

Anyway, if you want to get the current build, I did check everything into CVS. It would be nice if someone could test the build from CVS to ensure that it does work...I would, but since I am the only coder, I don't really have time right now.

If there are problems with the build, please let me know as soon as possible, and please provide and accurate description as well as any logs to help track down the problem(s).

Posted by Michael Bauer 2004-01-27